Nuwave Air Fryer Chicken Wings

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Air Fryer Chicken

This very easy Nuwave Air Fryer Chicken Wings recipe will show you how to make delicious crispy chicken wings in your air fryer. Why not combine the wings with some delicious spicy Buffalo sauce to make some super Buffalo hot wings?


chicken wings in Nuwave air fryer


Nuwave Air Fryer

Last year we acquired a Nuwave Air Fryer (Brio, 3 litre), 1450W. After years of using a deep fryer for our frozen food, we decided it was probably wise to cut down a bit on the fat-heavy foods, so using an air fryer seemed the logical choice.

air fryer chicken wings
Chicken in the Nuwave Air Fryer basket

We love this machine. It is very simple to use and does a great job. We have found it is especially handy with frozen food like onion rings, fish sticks, french fries or chicken fingers for getting nice crispy results.

whole chicken wings in air fryer
Nuwave Air Fryer Chicken Wings


But also for chicken wings, it does the business. Here I used some pre-marinated chicken wings from Aldi which were delicious.

The only thing you have to remember is to shake the basket regularly so that the hot air reaches all the surfaces and to make sure that the wings get evenly cooked.


air fryer wings


We have found the Nuwave Air Fryer fairly easy to clean, so using the air fryer is actually easier than cooking the wings in the oven, as you have no problems with the wings sticking to the sheet pan. You also use a lot less energy by not turning the oven on, as well as getting a super crispy finish.


game day snacks
Super crispy chicken wings

Turn your crispy chicken wings into Buffalo Wings

So when you have cooked your crispy wings how are you going to eat them? With a ranch dressing or a blue cheese dip?

I prefer a good old New York State Buffalo sauce, either as a dip or as a coating. The wonderful taste of the Frank’s Redhot Original Cayenne Pepper sauce is just a complete classic. Follow the link to my recipe for a fantastic Buffalo dipping sauce.

buffalo dipping
Crispy wing with a Buffalo dipping sauce


This must be the best game-day snack ever invented. It certainly beats our mini-sausages-on-a-stick hands down 🙂 !

I hope you get to try this simple recipe for air fryer wings. Of course, you can use any make of air fryer. Just make sure the temperatures are the same and don’t mix up your Fahrenheits and your Centigrades!


buffalo wings


Enjoy it! We did!!

How to make Nuwave Air Fryer Chicken Wings

Nuwave Air Fryer Chicken Wings

whole chicken wings in air fryer

This simple recipe will help you make some delicious crispy chicken wings. Enjoy them with a Buffalo dipping sauce for some great NY Buffalo wings!

Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 38 minutes
Total Time 43 minutes


  • 1kg chicken wings (I used 500g of chilli, pepper and garlic and 500g piri piri pre-marinaded wings)
  • Olive Oil cooking spray
  • Garlic powder
  • Salt and Pepper


  1. Spray inside of air fryer basket with some of the cooking spray. Add the chicken wings and season to taste with salt and pepper and some freshly milled garlic power.
  2. Cook the wings at 180C (356F) for 25-30 minutes. Give the basket a shake every 5 minutes or so, to make sure they are evenly cooked.
  3. Then turn the temperature up to 200C (392F) and cook for a further 6-8 minutes, shaking the basket halfway through.


I used pre-marinated wings from Aldi so did not need to do any further preparation. You can also just use un-marinated chicken wings and give them a dry rub of chicken seasoning or something else if you prefer.

If you want to make some Buffalo wings, just make the sauce separately and pour it over the wings when they are done. You will not need a separate marinade to make great hot wings.

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