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 Welcome to Gav’s Kitchen – My Family Recipe Food Blog.

This is a family recipe food blog. I aim to introduce easy recipes for dinner and other meal times for you to cook for your family. This blog contains family dinner recipes and easy dinner ideas that you can homecook. I am not a chef but a self-taught home cook. I enjoy cooking easy recipes that beginners can easily try. My hope is that you will be inspired to create your own home cooked meals!

The picture above shows what my kitchen actually looks like now that we have painted it. We put in a gas cooker and large fridge freezer as well. When we bought this house the kitchen looked like this:

favorite family recipes
My Kitchen before…..

It obviously had to change. Now it is a great room to cook in, and though we do not have all mod cons, we have most things we need.

We still need to change the floor though, at some point……

Gav & cooking

On this page, I will tell you a bit about myself and the purpose of this family recipe food blog.

I am a happily married father of three beautiful kids. I am an avid rugby fan, having happily played the game for twenty years, and have many other hobbies, one of which is biking. Here a picture of me about to go round the TT circuit on my Ducati 916 in Assen, the Netherlands. 

TT Assen


After a long and fun career as a mechanical engineer and project manager in industry, I am now running a B&B in Ireland. This gives me more time to experiment with one of my hobbies, which is cooking. I have always loved to cook, and this blog describes my recipes. Over the years I have built up a fairly large repertoire of cheap family dinner ideas.

I love cooking, as it is really just a process, just like any engineering project. A small change can make such a huge difference! You will find in some of my recipes that I may sometimes use some strange ingredients, but it is all done for a reason!

I was taught the basics of cooking by my Mum, and have always been able to put a reasonable family dinner on the table.  Sometimes though, I lack inspiration. That was really the reason for starting this blog – to help other people, who may not normally cook, to be inspired to get into the kitchen and cook. And also, so that I have my easy dinner ideas for family meals at the tips of my fingertips, which makes it easy for me to put a shopping list together!

Gav’s recipes

Over time, I have built up a range of recipes that I have adapted to my own taste. I am now slowly working on improving my range. I will be building up the food recipes in this family recipe food blog bit by bit as I go through my existing repertoire, and expand it. At the least, I hope to inspire some of you to take up cooking. And hopefully, spend less money on unhealthy fast food.

Maybe in time, this may become a healthy food blog, but we are starting with cheap, tasty and easy dinner recipes for the family before we niche out!

I have spent many years working and living in different countries and have built up a love of many different types of food. You will find Indian, Italian, British, Irish, French, South African, American, Brazilian and other food influences in my recipes. I have always tried to give my family good tasty family meals, despite their various fussy dislikes, and continue to enjoy doing so.

This blog is primarily aimed at trying to get anyone who does not cook into the kitchen. All my meals are pretty easy family meals to make and do not require any special skills. So anyone with the right bits of kit and ingredients can cook my easy family recipes. I hope you will start using this site as a family meal planner, as I now do.

It is very rewarding when you can produce a delicious meal from basic fresh ingredients that get people talking.

Cooking Heroes

My first cooking hero was Keith Floyd, who always made me cry with laughter. I loved the way he would get more and more under the influence of wine as the meal progressed – and I have to admit, I sometimes follow his poor example 🙂 

But then I make my own wine and I have this view below to look at when I am cooking so can you blame me? This may be why some of my meals take longer than they should…… 🙂

food recipes for dinner

Modern day British cooking heroes such as Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey have both done a huge amount to get people interested in cooking and producing interesting, tasty and healthy food. Delia Smith is also one of my idols, and some of my recipes will certainly have originated with her. These people have all inspired me to cook more, and you will certainly see their influence in my recipes. 

I am not a trained chef. I am just a guy who likes to adapt recipes and learn how to get better. Some of the fun is tweaking recipes to suit your own taste.

I am the man at home who enjoys cooking, and likes to do it like Floyd :).


I aim to please. But I will not try and make the food look better than it actually is (we will be eating the food that is photographed!). So do not expect fantastically difficult recipes that only a Michelin chef could pull off. Or recipes containing ingredients that you can only get by travelling to Mars. I will be putting simple family dinner ideas on here that taste really good and satisfy, whilst using the most basic ingredients you can get from your local store. All my ingredients will be sourced from either Tesco or Aldi, and there may be some fresh herbs from our own garden. But otherwise nothing too fancy. 

If you do not understand some of the terminology I may have used, then please send me a message via the site. Any similarities to other of the millions of recipes out there is a coincidence. There are, after all, only so many ways you can boil pasta, or fry an egg.

Please understand that the food that has been photographed for this blog has been cooked primarily for us to eat. This means the photographer (whoever that may have been) has had to put up with shouts of ‘it’s getting cold’ , ‘get a move on‘ ! etc, so please excuse any blurred pictures. The good pics are obviously my wife’s (though I am getting better)!

Objectives of this family recipe food blog

This family recipe food blog aims at achieving a number of things:

Provide inspiration and encourage others to cook family recipes

  • First of all, to encourage some of you non-cooks out there to start treating your partners, male or female, to a tasty meal. Cooking is good, and doing it with love for others is even better.  [Oh, and by the way – please excuse my URL. I do not wish to make any distinction between the sexes (but my wife saw this website URL was available and bought it…. so you can blame her  🙂 ).]
  • Make people realise that cooking family recipes is so easy and fun to do. In fact, we should all be learning to do it from an early age.
  • Provide a growing volume of home and family recipes to help give you inspiration to cook yourselfAs I try experimenting with new stuff I will add any new recipes here, if they are any good.
  • In time I would like to have one of the best food blogs out there that people will return to for inspiration. Hopefully when needing to come up with a family dinner recipe. Hopefully, in time, people will be able to use my blog for family meal ideas or as a family meal planner. I would love to have people coming back to my site.

Introduce easy, tasty family recipes

  • Another aim is to turn simple ingredients into tasty meals in the easiest of manners (i.e. as few pans and washing up as possible, and as efficiently as possible).
  • Make people realise that some easy food recipes are so good they have to be repeated over and over again, and to challenge you to improve on them by trying and suggesting your own improvements. No recipe is perfect. There should always be some continual improvement.

Help busy people plan their meals

  • Provide some quick dinner ideas to help busy people produce quick family meals
  • Help hardworking people to understand how they can produce healthy and easy family dinners in one cooking session (in the weekend maybe), that may be able to last them a whole week in portions in the freezer, so as to save them valuable time (and money) during the week.
  • Give you enough variety to satisfy dinner parties, weekday meals, kids meals, Sunday roasts, hor ‘d oeuvres and footy snacks. In short, anything you may need to deal with in a normal lifetime. If I get round, to it I may even start doing BBQ stuff. (This is not my speciality, ask my kids  – they say I burn everything – but I have solutions for that as well  🙂 ).

Maybe something different

  • I have just started home brewing wine and beer, so as to be able to live up to Keith Floyd’s reputation. I may add some tips on that as well in time……


UK / USA Different Measures

I grew up in the UK, so please excuse my English spelling and use of metric measures. There is a conversion page on the site for translating temperatures, weights and liquid measures.

I hope you enjoyed reading and trying these recipes. Please let me know if you have any improvements for them. We are always open to trying something new and different.

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