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Crispy Sandwich

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Crispy Sandwich

Potato sandwich

There are unlimited options for making crispy sandwiches with potato chips as they can be added to almost any type of basic sandwich to make them crispy.

In the British Isles we call this a crisp sandwich or crisp butty, whereas I suppose in the USA it would be a potato chip sandwich.

potato chip sandwich recipe


This is, in fact, a typical British & Irish snack, not to be confused with a ‘chip sandwich’, although these are also a well-loved favourite in Britain and Ireland.

In fact, understandably this can be quite confusing for Americans who call what we call ‘crisps’ – ‘potato chips’. What Americans call ‘Fries’ or ‘French fries’ we call ‘chips’.

And as these type of sandwiches are not normally things an American would eat (although why on earth not?!) – You can understand the confusion.

So just to clear it up, here you have a chip sandwich or chip butty:


chip butty

Chip sandwich / Chip Butty


And here you have a crisp sandwich or potato chip sandwich.


crisp sandwich

Crisp Sandwich


This post is really about the good old crisp sandwich which is a fantastic way to add a bit of crispiness to an otherwise boring sandwich. It gives some crunch and extra salt and taste which may be the way to persuade your kids to eat their lunch.

Certainly, it helped with my kids. My kids always remind me that potatoes are vegetables and hence a potato sandwich is healthy for them!

You can, of course, add any flavour of crisp to your sandwich, although it probably should complement the original sandwich filling.

Try making a peanut butter and potato chip sandwich for example. An extra dimension!

crispy sandwich recipe


Marmite Sandwiches with crisps

The crisp sandwiches pictured here are marmite sandwiches with plain crisps. Absolutely brilliant, especially when you are travelling or picnicking.

It is best to add the crisps just before you eat the sandwich as otherwise they can get a bit soggy if kept in a coolbox for too long.

Marmite is also a strange ingredient to Americans. In the UK we say ‘you either love it or you hate it’ – from this advert from the 1990’s, I imagine.

Certainly all my kids all love it and Marmite is 100% vegetarian and vegan.

potato sandwich recipe

Crispy Sandwich

Vegan Sandwiches

If you want to eat vegan sandwiches then remember to use vegan margarine in your sandwich and to choose a suitable crisp to suit.

Many manufacturers are now bringing out special vegan flavoured crisps to meet the market demand.

I hope you are adventurous enough to try and experiment with some crispy crisp sandwiches. Let me know how you get on in the comments section below.

How to make a crisp sandwich

potato chips sandwich

Crispy Sandwich

Prep Time: 1 minute
Total Time: 1 minute

This delicious crispy sandwich is great for a packed lunch, a picnic or a road trip. Add crisps to whatever sandwich you like to add another dimension!


  • 2 slices of bread (white or brown)
  • Butter (or margarine for vegan option)
  • I tsp Marmite
  • 1 packet plain crisps (any make)


    1. Spread the butter or margarine on one slice of bread (if you are in the North of England people will butter both slices). Spread the marmite on one buttered side.
    2. When you are ready to eat the sandwich, add the crisps in the middle (as many as you can fit in).


Munch munch munch

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