Cheese and Pickle Sandwich

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Best Cheese and Pickle Sandwich Recipe

This cheese and pickle sandwich is a typical English sandwich that forms part of a so-called ‘Ploughman’s lunch’. A typical Ploughman’s lunch is often sold in English pubs and consists of bread and butter, cheese, onion, pickles, salad and, of course, English beer:).

branston pickle sandwich 

I remember as a kid a Ploughman’s lunch was pretty much the only thing you could get to eat in an English pub.

Luckily things have change now as the British pub cuisine has developed enormously for the better.

cheese ploughmans sandwich

This is a simple sandwich recipe, which we often take with us on road trips or in packed lunches to the beach, as it tastes so good.

How does pickle taste?

You may want to try some pickle before you make one, as it can be an acquired taste. In Britain, Branston’s Pickle is a famous brand that we use for our cheese and pickle sandwiches.

Branston’s is made from chopped vegetables preserved in a vinegary sauce. The tart combination of the pickles with cheddar cheese is perfection and I love it.

branston pickle recipe

But the taste is quite sour if you compare it to chutney, for example, which tends to be a bit sweeter in taste (we also eat cheese with chutney over here). But then that is why it is called a pickle.

The British love vinegar in their food – just think of salt and vinegar crisps and salt and malt vinegar on their chips (fries), as examples.

But if you have a sweeter tooth you could try making a cheese and chutney sandwich instead. We tend to eat cheese with chutney as a TV snack rather than as a sandwich. 

pickle cheese sandwich
Cheese and pickle sandwich

In these pictures, I have made this sandwich with a multigrain bread from Aldi which makes a pretty healthy cheese and Branston Pickle sandwich.

branston pickle sandwich

What type of cheese in a cheese and pickle sandwich?

Traditionally any type of English cheese could be used in a traditional Ploughman’s sandwich. But in this recipe, we use some mature sharp cheddar cheese which I think goes fantastically well with the Branston’s pickle.

ploughmans sandwich

Traditionally the Ploughman’s lunch might be served on a wooden platter with a large lump of cheese that you would cut to suit your crusty piece of bread. It may be accompanied with some vegetables or pickled gherkins, and of course a pint of bitter!

Here I have sliced the cheese to make it easier to eat, as these were made to go in a sandwich box.

How to make a Ploughman’s sandwich

Cheese and Pickle Sandwich

cheese and pickle sandwich

This cheddar cheese and pickle sandwich is a delicious traditional English lunchtime meal. The pickles are the perfect combination for the cheddar cheese

Prep Time 1 minute
Total Time 1 minute


  • 2 slices of bread (white or brown – crusty bread is the best)
  • Mature Cheddar cheese, sliced
  • 2 tbsp Branston’s Pickle (or other make if you prefer)


  • Salted butter


    1. Place the cheese on one slice of bread. Then add the pickle close the sandwich. Cut into two pieces (diagonally or in the middle).
    2. If you wish you may wish to spread the bread with some butter.


Great for a packed lunch, picnic or road trip.

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