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BLT Sandwich (with cheese, onion and sausage!!)

BLT Sandwich (with cheese, onion and sausage!!)

BLT Sandwich PLUS

Sometimes there is no better snack than a BLT sandwich. A BLT is a sandwich containing bacon, lettuce and tomato in single, double or even triple layer format. With plain, sourdough, ciabatta, baguette or toasted bread, the number of variations is almost endless.


BLT with cheese onion and sausage


This BLT sandwich with cheese, onion and sausage recipe is another variation on a BLT. On top of the normal BLT ingredients, this recipe also includes cheddar cheese, some caramelized onion and some fried sausage. Absolutely wonderful! A BLT Plus!

BLT recipes with a twist

This recipe is a simple twist on a normal BLT. It came about when I was trying to use up some leftovers in my fridge, and I thought why not just throw it all in a sandwich. The result was perfect – a great simple lunch for the two of us. I used up my uncooked sausages and bacon and some cheddar that needed finishing.

These days we often have sausages and bacon in the fridge (since we have discovered the wonderful Kelly’s meat store in Kilrush that make the most fantastic Irish Pork sausages). But what we have leftover is not always enough for a meal. But when combined in this recipe it was more than enough to satisfy us.

blt plus sandwich


Normally I tend to cook all the sausages in the bag in one go, and if we have some leftover I keep them cooked in tin foil in the fridge and eat them on their own, or put them in a cold sausage sandwich. But in this case, I still had some uncooked pork sausages leftover.

These Kelly’s sausages are Irish pork sausages full of flavour and taste and are great hot or cold. They are wonderful in any fry up, bangers and mash or sandwich recipe. They will also go very well with our Christmas lunch, wrapped in bacon.

blt +


In this recipe, I used baby gem lettuce but you could use any leaf lettuce really, like iceberg lettuce or even baby leaf.

If you are really adventurous, why not try experimenting with some condiments like ketchup, brown sauce or mustard? Here we used some Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise of course!

Again, the variations are endless!

I hope this has inspired you to clean out some items in your fridge. It worked for me writing this – I just made a BLT for our lunch!! 

How to make a BLT with cheese onion and sausage

blt plus

BLT Sandwich (with cheese, onion and sausage!!)

Prep Time: 3 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 13 minutes

This variation on a BLT is a great way to finish off any last pieces of bacon and sausage you may have leftover in your fridge.


  • 2 sausages (or 4 if really hungry!)
  • 1 onion, sliced
  • 2 slices cheddar cheese
  • 2 tbsp Hellmann's Real Mayonaisse
  • 1 tomato, sliced
  • 4 slices back bacon, or 8 slices of streaky
  • 4 slices white bread
  • Some baby gem lettuce pieces


  • 1 tbsp Vegetable oil


  1. Fry the bacon and sausage in a skillet. Meanwhile, slice the onion and tomatoes and clean the lettuce. The fat from the bacon should be enough to fry the onion slices as well, otherwise add some vegetable oil if needed. Make sure the onions do not burn - if they begin to brown, then remove them from the pan.
  2. Meanwhile spread the inside of the bread slices with the mayonnaise and add the lettuce and a slice of cheese. If you want to toast the sandwich beforehand, then feel free to do so before adding the mayo.
  3. When the bacon and sausage have cooked, then slice the sausages in half lengthways and add the sausage and bacon to the sandwich. Then cover with the tomatoes and onion and close the sandwich.


The above quantities make two full sandwiches. Cut in half before serving.

Feel free to experiment with other ingredients you may wish to use up or different condiments (egg, pickles, ketchup, brown sauce etc).

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