Muesli Pancakes – American Style

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Fluffy American Style Muesli Pancakes

This is a tried and tested recipe that will give you some tasty thick American style muesli pancakes.

Pancakes are of course a staple breakfast dish across the United States and Canada. Canadian pancakes with maple syrup cannot be beaten. American style blueberry pancakes are also delicious, if you can get the blueberries.

pancakes with blueberries


Most diners will be able to serve you pancakes for your breakfast if you are travelling in the States.

us diner

The trip of a lifetime

I know this as in 1987 I was lucky enough to travel across America on a BMW R100 from Chicago to Denver and North along the Alaskan highway to Alaska. It was the most incredible trip of my life and I have plenty of stories to tell of those exciting weeks.

Alaskan highway
The Alaskan Highway

We were in a small group, 4 x R100’s, and we camped in the wonderful US and Canadian national parks along the way. But the best meal of the day was always breakfast.

Grand Tetons
Grand Tetons

We would stop at one of the diners along the road and order a full breakfast of bacon, eggs and hash browns and pancakes with maple syrup.

pancakes with maple syrup


We would eat so much we did not need any lunch and could ride all day on the energy we had shovelled into ourselves at breakfast.

muesli pancakes
Muesli pancakes


Though this may not have been the most healthy way to survive such a trip it was certainly effective and kept us going.

american style pancakes


That is, until the day I totalled my bike on the day we entered Alaska…….

At 22.00 hours at night on the road between Chicken and Tetlin junction in the middle of nowhere. A few hour’s drive away from Tok.

Cause – a tank slapper on a dirt road whilst travelling a little bit too fast for the conditions. A good lesson learnt. My Arai helmet saved my life.

[Side note: I loved the story we heard about why ‘Chicken’ was called Chicken. The story goes that they wanted to called the place ‘Ptarmigan’ after the Alaskan state bird, but none of the inhabitants knew how to spell Ptarmigan properly !]


totalled BMW

There was no passing traffic and our back up truck had gone ahead so I had to get on the back of one of the other bikes and ride for another few hours.

It was getting dark and Bob’s brake lights lit up ahead and he came on the intercom: ‘there’s a huge guy walking towards me with his hands in the air and he’s wearing a long raincoat……..’.

‘No wait……’s a moose!’  –  Fun times 🙂

american style pancakes

Finally, at about 02.00 we reached an emergency clinic where I could get treated for my wounds (ripped knee ligaments, damaged kidneys and impact cuts and lesions).

But at 04.00 they had finished with me and I was allowed to go.

A tip for all travellers in America – make sure you have good health insurance before you travel and a credit card to pay for it, as that will be the first question you are asked in such a situation.

The Breakfast of Kings

Anyhow, my trip was not completely ruined as we got to spend a few hours in a motel that night and I was able to travel in the support van.

But the next day we were back in the tents!

And it was these thick muesli pancakes that kept me going during the next few weeks of recuperation. They are very filling and you do not need many to satisfy yourself.

pancakes americanos

The pancake batter recipe below will give you a very thick pancake mixture, but don’t worry it will rise in the pan!

Experiment with different toppings to see what you like the best.


fluffy pancakes


But really chocolate or Nutella, bananas, red berry fruits, ice cream and maple syrup all seem to compliment them well.

How to make fluffy pancakes

American Style Muesli Pancakes

american pancakes

These thick American style fluffy muesli pancakes will set you up for the whole day. Great for breakfast with maple syrup and butter!

Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes


  • 160g self-raising Flour
  • 60g muesli, finely chopped in a mixer or smoothie maker (I used a fruit and nut muesli here)
  • 1 tsp caster sugar
  • Pinch of salt
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tbsp melted salted butter, and more for frying
  • 150ml Milk
  • 1 tbsp vegetable oil


  1. Mix the flour, pulverized muesli, sugar, baking powder, and salt in a bowl. Add the eggs and butter and mix together. Then slowly add the milk, whisking all the time, until smooth. 
  2. Melt some butter in a pan together with the vegetable oil. 
  3. Then get the pan to a good heat and add the mixture in balls. Flatten them off in the pan so you have a disk about 1cm thick.
  4. Cook until first side is cooked then turn over and repeat for the other side.


How to eat pancakes is very personal. I like them with maple syrup and some melted butter.

But try some of your other favourite toppings and let me know how you get on. Blueberries and bananas are also meant to be good with these.

You can also try our crepe style pancakes if you want something a bit lighter.

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