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Healthy yoghurt fruit pots

Healthy yoghurt fruit pots

Healthy granola fruit pots

Healthy yoghurt fruit pots are a great thing to take on a picnic or a packed lunch. They can be prepared in no time upfront, are easily portable and can be kept cool in a cooler bag or fridge.

They can also be prepared as breakfast yoghurt pots the night before, or taken on trips. You may even want to eat them for dessert. And the great thing is – they are really healthy. The kids will love them!

muesli pots
Healthy picnic desserts

The pots we use in these photos once contained pâté when we bought them at Aldi. They were holding a delicious salmon pâté that was so good we bought a few of them.

And now they are perfect for our little picnic trips to the beach. The ones shown below are a bit bigger if you have a good appetite.

But there are also some smaller ones available on Amazon if you need to get some.

Need some pots for your yoghurt pots?

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greek yoghurt breakfast
Yoghurt Muesli Pots

We like the way you can make them up as you please. You can use any type of frozen fruit from the freezer – these ones have summer fruits in them. By the time you get to eat them, they will have defrosted.

Granola Yogurt Pots

You can choose between granola and muesli to make your fruit pots. Or you can even just use porridge oats with dried raisins if you prefer. I filled these pots with fruity muesli. What a healthy lunch snack!

You can vary your chosen yoghurt as well, using low-fat or a nice full-fat Greek yoghurt, as I did in these pictures. This will depend on any dietary requirements you might have.

And personally, I think that granola beats muesli.  But there are some good mueslis out there – I can always be happily surprised!

muesli yoghurt pots

Healthy Picnic Food

If you are really feeling ambitious you could make your own healthy homemade granola to go in this delicious picnic snack.

For some other picnic ideas you may wish to read this travel snacks post.

Fruit pots are a great way to incorporate a variety of different fruits into your diet. Many people struggle to consume the recommended daily amount of fruits and vegetables, but by enjoying a fruit pot as a snack or part of a meal, you can easily increase your fruit intake and reap the health benefits that come with it.

In addition to being delicious, fruit pots are also a healthy snack option. Fruits are packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber, which can help to boost your immune system, improve digestion, and support overall health and wellness.

They are also a great way to get some healthy food inside your kids!

Healthy yoghurt fruit pots
Healthy yoghurt fruit pots

Yoghurt and granola always go well together, but adding the fruit just makes it perfect. Choose your favourite or even make a fruit compote instead by stewing the fruit in some sugar beforehand. I might do this next time 😃.

Remember to keep them cool until you eat them, and make sure you don’t forget to pack a spoon!

How to make healthy yoghurt fruit pots

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Healthy yoghurt fruit pots

Healthy fruit yoghurt pots

Prep Time: 2 minutes
Total Time: 2 minutes

These healthy yoghurt pots can be prepared up front and are great to take on journeys or on picnics, or even as packed lunch for work.


  • Frozen fruit of your choosing
  • Greek Yoghurt (or a low fat yoghurt)
  • Honey
  • Granola or muesli


  1. Place the fruit in the bottom of the jar
  2. Add the yoghurt and honey to taste
  3. Top off with the granola or muesli
  4. Keep in the fridge until you use it


The fruit should have time to defrost before you eat it.

You can use maple syrup as an alternative to honey.

Choose a zero fat yoghurt as a healthier alternative.

Calories will vary depending on which ingredients you use hence the lack of nutritional information below.

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