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Dairy Free And Gluten Free Appetizer Ideas For Your Next Gathering

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Dairy Free And Gluten Free Appetizer Ideas For Your Next Gathering

Gluten Free And Dairy Free Appetizers

Looking for non dairy gluten free appetizers? Check our selection of yummy dairy free and gluten free appetizer recipes.

Although gluten and lactose intolerance are easily diagnosed these days, finding gluten and lactose free meals can still be hard. Especially when eating at restaurants.

Though restaurants are getting better at displaying these allergens, waitstaff won’t always be able to tell you if their items are always gluten free.

And of course, there is always the risk of contamination in a kitchen operated by many staff.

For those with gluten and/or lactose intolerance, however, accidentally consuming a product can have serious health consequences.

Especially for anyone with Celiac Disease a good rule of thumb is: if it may contain gluten, assume that it does contain gluten.

Often it is safer to prepare your own meals to avoid a gluten contamination.

Dairy free and gluten free food don’t have to be bland, contrary to what naysayers may tell you.

We all know how appealing appetizers can be – after all, they are made to get you excited for your meal!

Below I have a list with the best gluten free appetizers and non dairy starters that you can prepare for your next meal, party or special occasion.

Click here for more appetizers ideas.


Dairy Free Gluten Free Appetizers

Dairy and Gluten free meal prep no longer has to be a challenge for you and your family.

These easy-to-prepare gluten and dairy free appetizers will quickly become a favorite amongst your family and friends.

Try whipping one up for your next big event!

Best gluten and dairy free appetizer recipes

Meat/meatball gluten and dairy free recipes

Vegan gluten free appetizers

Gluten free dairy free dips

What are some gluten free appetizers, and dairy free recipes too that you enjoy?

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Dairy and gluten free appetizer recipes

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