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19 Easy Keto Fat Bomb Recipes

19 Easy Keto Fat Bomb Recipes

Delicious and Easy Keto Fat Bombs

For those who aren’t on a keto diet yet, it may seem counterproductive to eat more fat to lose weight.

However, over 20 studies have shown that it works! When you consume less carbs, your body becomes more efficient at burning fat for energy.

Aside from weight loss, keto diets offer health benefits like lower blood sugar and insulin levels.

If you’re on a keto diet (or you’re considering it), you probably feel limited when it comes to what you can eat. Sometimes, it seems like everything is loaded with carbs!

Going out to restaurants can be a challenge for those on a keto or other low carb diet, so it’s best to simply prepare your meals at home.

Keto fat bombs are a great way to replace the lost carbs in your diet with healthy fats.

Check out these delicious keto fat bomb recipes to give yourself the energy you need!

19 Keto Fat Bomb Recipes

Here are some of the best keto fat bomb recipes to help you feel satisfied, cut sugar cravings and improve your fat/carb ratio.

Chocolate keto fat bombs

Below are some delicious chocolate fat bomb recipes.

Keto fat bombs with cream cheese

Check out below some delicious fat bomb recipes with cream cheese.

Nut Butter Fat Bombs

Below are some recipes made with peanut butter, almond butter and more.

Fruity low carb fat bombs

Easy keto fat bomb recipes

Other amazing low carb fat bombs that you should try!

Eating fat bombs is essential to staying full on a ketogenic diet.

Without them, you may feel unsatisfied and low on energy.

Since these fat bomb recipes make small servings, you’ll have plenty left over for later or to bring around for snacking on the go.

Don’t leave home without one!

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Low carb fat bomb recipes

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