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15 Easy Keto Snacks For The Whole Family

The Best Keto Snack Ideas

Ketogenic diets are low in carbs, but high in fats and protein. This type of diet sends the body into ketosis, which makes fat burn more efficiently!

However, whether you’re on a keto diet or you simply prefer low carb snacks, it can be hard to find treats that meet your criteria.

Typical crackers and chips are loaded with carbs, and other common snack ingredients don’t make it any easier. It can seem like everything is low fat nowadays, but hardly anything is low carb.

Anyone on a keto diet can tell you how annoying that is!

Any keto dieter knows that snacking is vital to staying full throughout the day, since they need lots of fat to replace those carbs they aren’t eating. There’s just one problem: it’s tough to find pre-packaged food that isn’t loaded with carbs.

It winds up becoming easier to just make your own snacks at home. These snack recipes will work great with any keto diet, and can be modified to fit other dietary restrictions, too!

So read on to find the best keto snacks that you can try and make today!

15 Keto Snacks You Have To Try!

Keto friendly snacking doesn’t have to be difficult! Check out these delicious recipes for keto crackers, pancakes and low carb snacks on the go.

Keto snack bars and crackers

You’ll go nuts for this keto pecan bar recipe that uses just 5 ingredients!

They take 7 hours to cool down, so prepare them at night to have an on-the-go snack for work and school in the morning.

Each bar has 2.5 grams of carbs and 18 grams of fat, making it perfect for anyone on a low carb, high fat diet.

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These snack bars are keto friendly, gluten free, sugar free, and grain free.

To make this treat, start with keto blondies and douse them in peanut butter and sugar free chocolate chips.

Bake them for your kids or your next lunch party!

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Add some spice to your cheese crackers with a Cajun seasoning!

This snack is incredibly keto friendly, with each serving of 12 crackers only containing 3 grams of carbohydrates.

You’ll also help meet your fat and protein quotas for the day, since each serving has 19 grams of fat and 13 grams of protein.

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Suitable crackers can be hard to find when you’re on a keto diet – after all, crackers are often full of carbs.

These crackers use a seasoning found in “everything bagels,” and almond flour to keep them gluten free.

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Savory keto snack recipes

These cheesy bacon egg muffins are a great snack or breakfast idea.

Prep the meal before hand and keep in the fridge until you need to eat them. Great hot or cold.

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Pack a zucchini pizza bite in your purse to snack on your work breaks!

Zucchini is often a great alternative to pasta and other carb-filled ingredients, so it makes sense for it to be used in a pizza dish.

Each serving has just 4.7 grams of carbohydrates!

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These pickle chips make a great appetizer or snack for anyone on a low carb diet.

They’re gluten free, too! Each batch can be seasoned to your liking to give you just the right amount of flavor.

One batch makes 15 pickle chips, each with 14 calories and 0.6 grams of carbohydrates.

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Party snacks make great appetizers for game day gatherings and holiday parties.

Delight your guests with these keto taco cups, filled with Greek yogurt, ground beef, tomatoes, and spices.

It’ll only take you 20 minutes to make one batch, so you might as well make more!

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Keto cookies and snacks

This keto snack recipe is perfect for those of us who can’t have gluten or dairy.

The peanut butter cookies use a peanut butter with no oils or sugar added, making this treat guilt free all around.

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These donuts are gluten free, keto friendly, and sugar free.

How is that possible? This recipe allows for xantham gum and sugar replacements like erythritol.

The donuts get their protein from a vanilla protein powder with zero carbs per serving.

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We know that eggs are a staple for the keto diet, but you can switch things up with keto pancakes!

These pancakes are crepe-like, and they go great with butter, sugar free syrup, peanut butter, or whipped cream.

Each pancake only contains 2 grams of carbs, which is far better than most pre-packaged pancake mixes.

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Almond flour is the foundation for many keto friendly treats.

These butter cookies are ready to eat in just 15 minutes, and they only use 4 ingredients.

Although this keto friendly snack is vegetarian, it isn’t vegan due to the butter.

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Keto cakes

It’s a cake in a mug! This recipe is incredible easy – each lemon mug cake only takes 2 minutes total to make and prepare.

Almond flour keeps the carb count down, while butter brings the fat count up.

There’s also 13.5 grams of protein in this delicious treat.

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Muffins make a great snack for the office, but this recipe will go over well with kids, too!

These muffins are already low carb, but you can replace the raspberries with blueberries to drop the carb count even more.

To make this snack gluten free, use a baking powder that doesn’t use wheat flour.

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Got a pressure cooker? Use it to make this keto chocolate cheesecake!

To reduce the carbs even further, replace the monk fruit and stevia sweeteners with Swerve.

Each cake feeds eight people, making it perfect for dinner parties with friends!

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See how many options there are for low carb snacks?

As long as you use recipes that replace carb-heavy ingredients with alternatives like almond flour and Swerve, you can enjoy most of the delicious snacks you craved before you started your diet.

You may be sacrificing carbs, but you certainly won’t be sacrificing flavor, making these snacks sharable. Your friends and family won’t even know they’re eating diet food!

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